Anonymous said: How come u never @ la brea no more

Work downtown, live Westside. Give me a reason.

Friday Jul 18 04:00pm

Anonymous said: What happened to your love posts? Dude left yu??


Friday Jul 18 03:59pm

Anonymous said: Why don't you ever write personal pieces? You seem like the type that would.

All the most brilliant and beautiful things in this world have already been said. 

And, I prefer people make an effort to get to know me. My words are worth more than most can afford. 

Thursday Jun 26 02:58pm

Anonymous said: top 3 turn ons that actually make you wanna fuck

That’s vulgar. #pantiesoff

I’m almost afraid to give this out. I can’t just tell dudes how to come at me with the fool proof plan. 

1. Intelligence 

2. Rhythm

3. Strong Hands 

Thursday Jun 26 02:56pm
Tuesday Feb 11 09:20pm
Muslima 2014

Muslima 2014

Sunday Jan 12 07:38pm

Sunday Jan 12 07:28pm

Sunday Jan 12 07:25pm
Sunday Jan 12 07:23pm


Sunday Jan 12 07:20pm
4ever tru

4ever tru

Sunday Jan 12 07:19pm
Sunday Jan 12 07:18pm
4 eva 4 eva eva

4 eva 4 eva eva

Sunday Jan 12 07:15pm

Anonymous said: I still love you.

Sunday Jan 12 06:57pm
Thursday Jun 13 01:49am
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